We are proud to call ourselves Sydney’s finest internal strip out provider. Thanks to our revolutionary BROKK demolition machinery, our strip out service is far more efficient than the competition. Lightweight, versatile and powerful, our demolition machines are operated by certified and insured operators, so that you can strip out and move on.

What strip our services do we offer?

Our comprehensive strip out service is backed by the years of experience of our certified and fully insured strip out experts. Is your project high risk? Our machinery removes the need for manual demolition, making it safer and easier than traditional methods. Under time pressure? We offer strip outs much faster than the competition. Get in, get the internal demolition done properly, clean up and let you get on with it.
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Our strip out demolition solutions

Kitchen & bathroom strip outs

Office strip outs

Interior demolition

Full house strip outs

Apartment strip outs

Commercial & office strip outs

Make good projects

Shop strip outs

Wall and roof removal

Concrete demolition

Floor removals

Asbestos removal

Certified Expertise

Our operators are Sydney’s leading demolition experts. Fully qualified and insured.

Fast & Effective

Up to 4x faster than traditional demolition methods, so you can get on with the job.

Less Noise & Vibration

Work through noise restrictions, and get the job done with less fuss.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Perfect results, without damage to surrounding architecture or on-site staff.

Safe & Smart

No need for manual labour. Tried and tested for safety. No fumes or ventilation needed.

Versatile & Adaptable

Can operate in hard to reach and confined spaces, and fits through a standard doorway.


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What’s the Wolfman Precision process? 

Step 1: Our strip out service is simple and streamlined, to take the hassle of you. We are experienced working with you and your team to build the best approach for the strip out project. From here, it’s easy for us to provide you with a cost estimate, which is completely obligation-free. Our considerable fleet of machinery means we can mobilise our team quickly.
Step 2: Our certified strip out operators will meet you at the scheduled time to begin the strip out. We’ll prepare the site, and provide you with as much information as needed before beginning the strip out. Our certified operators are extremely experienced to ensure the safety of existing infrastructure, and those workers on-site.
Step 3: Once the strip out is finished, we can clean the site, and let you continue the project.