We know that renovations and residential demolition can be fraught with headaches, extra expense and extended timelines. That’s where Wolfman Precision comes in. Our revolutionary residential demolition machinery not only fits through tight spaces and difficult site access, but can complete residential demolition projects on average 4 times faster than the competition. No fumes. Less vibration and noise. What’s not to love?
Our BROKK demolition machinery is lightweight, versatile and powerful, making it the perfect demolition solution for residential projects. Each is operated by certified and insured operators.

What residential demolition services do we offer?

Our comprehensive residential and home demolition service is backed by years of experience and certification, but that’s not even the best bit. Our certified operators use robotic demolition to provide the perfect mix of power and accuracy, demolishing in less time without compromising any existing architecture or endangering staff. It’s a level that simply hasn’t been seen in Sydney before now.
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Our residential demolition solutions

Home and residential demolition

Wall, floor or roof removal

Asbestos removal

Concrete demolition

Metal, steel and wood demolition

Site clean up

Certified Expertise

Our operators are Sydney’s leading demolition experts. Fully qualified and insured.

Fast & Effective

Up to 4x faster than traditional demolition methods, so you can get on with the job.

Less Noise & Vibration

Work through noise restrictions, and get the job done with less fuss.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Perfect results, without damage to surrounding architecture or on-site staff.

Safe & Smart

No need for manual labour. Tried and tested for safety. No fumes or ventilation needed.

Versatile & Adaptable

Can operate in hard to reach and confined spaces, and fits through a standard doorway.


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What’s the Wolfman Precision process? 

With less vibration, less noise and no fumes, Wolfman Precision can operate in times of council noise restrictions. The only site access we need is an opening the width of a standard doorway, and a place to put the generator. That’s it!
Step 1: We make home and residential demolition as quick and painless as possible, without compromising on the quality of execution. We often work with architects, building teams or home owners to understand their needs, and provide the best demolition approach. From here, we provide you a firm quote, absolutely obligation free.
Step 2: At the commencement of the project, our operators will inspect the site and take any last minute requirements into account. After preparing the site and ensuring safety procedures are in place, we will begin demolition. Our certified operators are extremely experienced to ensure the safety of existing infrastructure, and those workers on-site.
Step 3: Once the commercial demolition project is finished, we can clean the site, and let you continue the project.