Concrete demolition is notoriously time-consuming, loud and messy… until now. We’re a concrete demolition company that brings the latest concrete crushing, coring and cutting technology to Sydney. Our end-to-end service uses cutting edge BROKK machinery to crush concrete safely and professionally. Whether it’s removing concrete slabs, walls, paths or roadways, Wolfman Precision is the safest and most trusted option.

What concrete demolition services do we offer?

  • Concrete coring
  • Concrete cutting
  • Concrete demolition
  • Concrete slab removal
  • and more
Our concrete cutting services use compact yet powerful machines operated by skilled contractors to remove concrete and cement from a safe distance with pinpoint accuracy. Because the crusher can easily work at times and in areas with noise restrictions, and creates less dust and fewer vibrations than traditional methods, it’s a versatile solution to any concrete cutting project. Our machines are compact and lightweight, so they can fit in hard to reach or dangerous access areas to remove concrete safely and quickly.
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Why us?

Suitable for all commercial and residential projects
Remote controlled
Pinpoint accuracy
End-to-end service
Free demolition strategy and quote
Certified operators
Less dust
Less noise

Certified Expertise

Our operators are Sydney’s leading demolition experts. Fully qualified and insured.

Fast & Effective

Up to 4x faster than traditional demolition methods, so you can get on with the job.

Less Noise & Vibration

Work through noise restrictions, and get the job done with less fuss.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Perfect results, without damage to surrounding architecture or on-site staff.

Safe & Smart

No need for manual labour. Tried and tested for safety. No fumes or ventilation needed.

Versatile & Adaptable

Can operate in hard to reach and confined spaces, and fits through a standard doorway.


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What’s the Wolfman Precision process? 

Step 1: Whether it is a commercial or residential project, we can work with you and your team to build the best approach for concrete cutting, demolition and removal, as well as a firm cost estimate. Because we have multiple machines, we can mobilise our team quickly and scale as needed.
Step 2: Our certified operators will meet you on-site, ready to begin. Feel safe in the knowledge that our certified operators are extremely experienced in demolishing concrete in a way that ensures the safety of existing infrastructure, and those workers on-site. Our method can get the job done in at least 4 times the speed of manual demolition.
Step 3: Once demolition is complete, we will remove debris from the site so that you can continue the project.