Are you looking for safe and secure asbestos removal? Go straight to the best option with Wolfman Precision’s robotic asbestos removal service. Our world class BROKK machinery means that people are not required in direct vicinity to the asbestos site. Better yet, it’s faster and more efficient than manual asbestos removal.

What is asbestos and how can it be safely removed?

Asbestos is a mineral fibre that was popular in the past due to its heat, electrical and chemical corrosion resistance. The fine spores of the mineral have been conclusively linked to a range of health conditions, and so the removal of asbestos has stringent requirements defined by law. Wolfman Precision is Sydney’s most trusted asbestos removal partner, because we reduce the time and cost of the asbestos demolition and removal process. Our solutions also reduce the dust, noise and ventilation required to get the job done
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Why us?

Hold asbestos removal tickets
Fully certified for asbestos removal
Trusted and experienced
End-to-end service
Free strategy and quote
Less asbestos dust
Less noise & vibration
Suitable for all projects

Certified Expertise

Our trusted team are fully certified and insured for asbestos removal.

Fast & Effective

Up to 4x faster than traditional asbestos removal methods, so you can get on with the job.

Less Noise & Vibration

For safe and effective asbestos removal.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Perfect results, without damage to surrounding architecture or on-site staff.

Safe & Smart

No need for manual labour. Tried and tested for safety. No fumes or ventilation needed.

Versatile & Adaptable

Can operate in hard to reach and confined spaces, and fits through a standard doorway.


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What’s the Wolfman Precision process? 

Step 1: Contact us for a free quote. We ask the right questions, and can work with you, your project managers or builders to develop the best asbestos removal strategy and a firm cost estimate. Because we have multiple machines, we can mobilise our team quickly as needed.
Step 2: Our certified operators will meet you on site, ready to begin. Our operators are highly skilled to operate the machinery to get the best result, without compromising the safety of existing infrastructure or staff. Our method can get the job done in at least 4 times the speed of manual demolition.
Step 3: Once demolition is complete, we will safely remove and discard the dangerous asbestos debris from the site so that you can continue the project with peace of mind.