Wolfman Precision is a state of the art Demolition company proudly owning and operating the latest robotic BROKK machines and generators. We bring faster, quieter and safer demolition methods to our customers.

Operating across the greater Sydney region, we are the most trusted company to provide robotic demolition, concrete cutting and coring, commercial demolition, strip outs and more!

While traditional methods fail to meet customer expectations, Wolfman Precision’s BROKK machines continue to push the limits for remote control demolition.

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Demolition Machine Hire
Concrete Cutting
Shop Strip Outs
Commercial Demolition
Plant Demolition
Asbestos Removal
Generator Hire
Rubbish Removal
Yard Cleaning
Labour Hire

Certified Expertise

Our operators are Sydney’s leading demolition experts. Fully qualified and insured.

Fast & Effective

Up to 4x faster than traditional demolition methods, so you can get on with the job.

Less Noise & Vibration

Work through noise restrictions, and get the job done with less fuss.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Perfect results, without damage to surrounding architecture or on-site staff.

Safe & Smart

No need for manual labour. Tried and tested for safety. No fumes or ventilation needed.

Versatile & Adaptable

Can operate in hard to reach and confined spaces, and fits through a standard doorway.


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Our robotic demolition machinery is lightweight yet extremely powerful, with pinpoint accuracy. Our certified expert operators get the job done faster and safer than any other option in the market. When equipped with the crusher, THE BROKK can work through business hours where there are noise restrictions with significantly less dust and vibration than traditional methods. Having the ability to fit through a standard doorway, climb stairs and operate in confined spaces the BROKK provides options in a timely safe cost-effective manner. Wolfman Precision provides a full range of services covering all aspects of demolition for both residential and commercial projects, coupled with the most advanced equipment available Wolfman Precision sets the standard.